Nearby Activities

Alabama Hills - The Alabama Hills is a very popular tourist attraction. With magestic rocks and beautiful scenery, it is sure to be a favorite. 

Alabama Hills Arches - Many movies have been filmed in this area. With the gorgeous backdrop of the Sierras, it is a very exceptional place. 

Keough's Hot Springs - A beautiful place to visit. The hostel is a gateway to these hot springs.

Downhill Skiing/Cross Country Skiing - Skiing is one of the many activities offered in the area, here is more information. 

Bike Riding - There are many bike riding trails near Lone Pine, where the Whitney Portal Hostel and Hotel is located. 

Horseback Riding - Riding horses around Alabama Hills or near the town of Lone Pine during any time of year can be an exciting adventure. 

ATV Riding - Surrounded by the scenic views offered by nature, riding will prove to be an unforgettable experience. Here are some trails near Lone Pine, the location of the Whitney Portal Hostel and Hotel. 

Fishing - Year round fishing is a popular attraction. There are several spots to choose from, pick a favorite.

Hunting - Hunting wild game is an option near Lone Pine. Consult this website for information on what you need and seasonal hunts. 

Photography - The stunning views of the valley and the magnificent backdrop of the mountains will provide you with the perfect place to take pictures. 

Mt. Whitney Permit Information - The Whitney Portal store does not deal with permits, rather the US Forest does. Here is the information on how to obtain a permit as well as the requirements to be on the trail. 

Trails (JMT, PCT, Mt. Whitney) - Trails are located very close to the Whitney Portal Hostel and Hotel, including the trail for the tallest mountain in the continental United States- Mount Whitney. The well known JMT and PCT trails also pass through here. 

Manzanar - This musuem holds a lot of the history of the nation after WWII hit. Here is more information on the camp, which is less than 10 miles away, and scheduled events. 

Mammoth - The Whitney Portal Hostel and Hotel is an exeptional place to stay if you plan to stop on your way to Mammoth Mountain. There are many activities to do, and here is the information for it. 

Yosemite - The Whitney Portal Hostel and Hotel is located in the gateway to this national park. Explore the activities Yosemite has to offer you. 

Campground Information - Here is a list of the campgrounds near the Whitney Portal Hostel and Hotel. If you need a shower while you are staying at one of these, you can stop at the Hostel and pay $5.00 for a shower, which includes a towel and body wash. 

Restaurants in Lone Pine - Here is a list and information on the restaurants in town, all within walking distance. Also, don't forget to try the bigger-than-your-plate pancakes offered exclusively at the Whitney Portal Store or the delicious hamburgers!

Rock Climbing and Bouldering - The formations of the rocks provides a neat place to try out this exhilarating sport. 

Eastern Sierra Museum- (760) 878-0258 155 N Grant St, Independence, CA. About 15 miles north of Lone Pine

Film History Museum- In Lone Pine, CA. Phone:(760) 876-9909. Learn more about the history of the area.